YES! Attitude

Noah Rickun, Attitude Expert

A YES! Attitude is a powerful thing, and few public speakers understand and convey its importance quite like Noah does. As a Jeffrey Gitomer Certified Speaker, Noah creates customized attitude training for each of his audiences and includes key lessons from such books as Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude: How to Find, Build, and Keep a YES! Attitude for a Lifetime of SUCCESS. Noah prepares his audiences to leave with a fresh outlook and deeper understanding of how their attitude affects their success, personally and professionally.

Have a co-worker in need of some attitude self-awareness? Could your team benefit from a step-by-step plan to maintaining drive, intensity, and commitment?  Hire Noah to deliver your fully-integrated game plan for understanding and mastering a YES! Attitude.

Words from the Audience. What’s Do They Think of Noah?

“Noah, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your sessions this week and I also heard similar feedback from many of my peers. I thought your approach and advice was a centered, common sense way of looking at things. It reinforced for me that my approach over the years was appropriate. Relationship building is what works!” Rodney Clements, Account Executive, CT Corp/A Wolters Kluwer Business

They’ve Heard Him. They’ve Hired Him. What Do Noah’s Clients Think?

“For anyone looking for a sales trainer who “gets it,” look no further! Not only does Noah have the presence and expertise to flawlessly handle any and all scenarios he encounters, he can actually teach others to do the same! He is someone who radiates positive energy and is able to systematically engage in ways that put people at ease. I highly recommend Noah as a facilitator to help unlock your organization’s sales team potential as with proven results, he brings a powerful combination that is quite simply…brilliant.” Lisa ChaseGlobal Client Advisor, Acxiom

“Noah made a significant impact at our National Meeting. He took the time to really understand Medco to be able to clearly relate to our sales staff and entire team. His presentation had a tremendous amount of energy and useful techniques for unique approaches to each sale. Many of the people in my organization have already found some benefit from his talk. I found the most impressive piece of the effort has been the overall positive attitude that my team has exhibited since our meeting. I would recommend Noah to any organization that wants to invest in the continued development of their organization.” Andrew KeimPresident, MEDCO

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