13 Ways to Make Selling Easy With LinkedIn

The book that you’re about to hold in your virtual hands will unlock the door to limitless sales success. It’’s not a magic pill. It’’s not the Holy Grail. It is, however, the key to optimizing your sales activity and to evolving from salesperson to sales pro.

These are the strategies I have used to successfully prospect, appoint, connect, uncover, relate, prepare, engage, attract, qualify, close, and stay in touch with customers. These 13 Ways are the ways I out-sell my competition and out-earn my quotas and targets.

13 Ways is not a LinkedIn mastery book; it’’s a sales mastery book. Most LinkedIn users are passive users. They sign up, they fill out a few profle details, they connect with a few people they already know, and then they wait.

What are they waiting for? What are YOU waiting for?

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