Two Dashes of Sales Insight: What Women Think About Having It All

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It’s easy to get annoyed when you hear someone called, “Successful.” The definition means something different to everyone. For some, it’s a monetary acquisition of goods. For others it means achieving happiness in daily living. But what about for professional woman?

For many, having it all is the definition of success; a great job, loving husband and financial security. Add in a house with a white picket fence, a dream car to drive plus a couple of kids, too. It’s no wonder women have started to redefine what this means.

Women in sales might have some of the best balance in life since they often get to make their own schedules and have unlimited earning potential. However, when we look at the survey results, it’s interesting what statistics say that means:

36% of woman aren’t concerned with marriage.
Most likely, this directly correlates to the prevalence of divorce. Since an additional 17% thought success was being at the height of their career, it’s pretty clear woman today are economically independent, sans husband.

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Women over 35 want to be their own boss.
It’s interesting to note that women over the age of 35 want to be responsible for their own outcome in life. Their younger counterparts, on the other hand, consider reaching the pinnacle of their career to be having it all.

96% think having it all is attainable.
The other key here is that women believe they can achieve it all. And the benchmarks haven’t changed. Women still want a loving relationship, financial stability, happy/healthy kids and a job where they feel valued.

First, within these survey results, it’s interesting to point out that while marriage as an institution wasn’t important, did you note that having a strong, loving relationship was still significant to 96% of women? Yes, that means that despite the legal terms associated with that companionship, women are still hoping to connect with a special someone.

Now, if you sell or market to women, it’s equally important to note that this research indicates, as we’ve all known for quite some time, that women are a very powerful market. They not only make their own money, but also make decisions about how it’s going to be spent. While for some women it means scouring the racks for heels under $100, even more are happy to spend hundreds of their own hard-earned money on whatever they want.

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Therefore, you will see statistics indicating that 53% of women are now the primary breadwinners in their family. They either earn more than their significant others or act as the head of household all together.

As the economic gap between men and women continues to close, you’re going to note the definition of success is also altering. Women are recognizing their ability to be self-sustaining without the support of a ‘strong, loving relationship.’ Even if they’re just selling crafts on Etsy, in fact.Let that sink in for a minute.

As you prepare you sales and marketing plan over the next few months, take a few minutes to let consider these insights. And if you’re a woman, consider where you see yourself in the future and how you’ll get there. Chances are, even if you don’t have it all right now, you’re making impressive steps forward to get yourself there. At least that’s what research indicates.


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