Eyejot’s Newest App: The End of the Business Card as You Know It!

I’m always looking for ways to differentiate myself at networking events (beyond having a great 30-second personal commercial), so when I first read about Eyejot’s new vCard application I pretty much fell out of my chair.

Not only can you now have the best looking name tag on the planet, but you’ll have a follow-up tool built in that is both as effective as it is memorable. Your new contact will receive the pre-recorded video you uploaded, a personalized greeting, all of your contact information (including social media links), a GPS position of where you met your contact, and your vCard for immediate and easy import into the device of their choice.

Kiss your paper card goodbye, and say hello to your new conversation starter.


You’ll need an iPhone, a special iPhone lanyard case so you can hang it around your neck, and the new Eyejot app. I purchased the Tek Boot Integrated Lanyard Case from Snow Lizard and I’m excited to go to my next event in style!



Imagine if you never had to enter contact data from business cards again. Imagine that you don’t even have to scan them. And those receipts you’ve been carrying around in your briefcase? There’s a simple solution for those, too. Enter Shoeboxed.

I’ve been using Shoeboxed for about 18 months and I’m still loving it as much as when I signed up.

So what is it? It’s a blue envelope that you put anything you’d like scanned and organized into. Then you mail it in, wait a few days, and voila – you’ve got email with all your data and images. You can also email documents to your Shoeboxed account or use your iPhone or Droid to take a photo of a business card that will then be scanned and put into a csv file for import into your contacts.

If you’ve got paper, if you’ve got a gazillion business cards in little piles on your desk, this is the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to clean things up. (Did I mention that Shoeboxed uses HUMAN verification to ensure the accuracy of scanned items?)

According to Shoeboxed, it’s “The fastest way to turn a pile of receipts into digital data for
effortless expense reporting, accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation.”

Pretty fRickun cool, no?

Uber fRickun Cool!

On a recent trip to New York City, my wife and I tried an entirely new concept for us – NO TAXIS. It changed the entire experience for us. And, no, we didn’t ride the subway everywhere (although I love the subway)…we rode around the city in style for not much more than the cost of a normal taxi. I downloaded the Uber app for my iPhone and pretty much had an army of private drivers at my fingertips. The cars were much nicer than taxis, I didn’t have to deal with cash at all, and we never got stuck in a weird part of Manhattan trying to hail a cab for twenty minutes (which has happened to me more than once).

The only downside? Uber is not available everywhere. I’d use it everywhere I travel if I could. For a list of cities Uber currently serves check out https://www.uber.com/cities#

Direct from Uber’s website:

“Enjoy the private driver experience without the usual high expense:

·         Set your location and request a car with one touch.

·         Monitor the arrival of your car with up to the minute ETAs.

·         Ride in Uber style.

·         No need to pay or tip your driver: Uber stores your credit card on file, so payments (tip included) are automatic and hassle free.

·         Rate the quality of your driver after the trip.”


This is the coolest thermostat on the planet. How cool, you ask? Cool enough to now be sold at the Apple Store. Maybe that’s because Nest’s founder, Tony Fadell, led the team that created the first 18 generations of the iPod and the first three generations of the iPhone. Or, maybe that’s because most people have never cared about a thermostat until now.

Nest looks great (almost like having an Apple device hanging on your wall). Nest works great (it’s super easy to install, set up, and operate). And, Nest saves great. I’ve only been using the Nest for about a week now but it appears I am using my air conditioning about 25% less than I had been.

Here’s the real reason I installed Nest: we have four thermostats in my house. Programming four thermostats is a pain in the butt. When we travel, I often forget to change the program. When I’m not home, my wife has a tough time figuring the thermostats out. Now with Nest, if I forget to tell the thermostats that we are going on vacation for a week I can simply use the Nest app on my iPhone or login to my Nest.com account and change the temperature remotely or simply click the “AWAY” button.

I’m really looking forward to coming home to a perfectly cooled or heated house next time – I’ll just change the temperature from the airplane’s wi-fi on my flight home.

Very fRickun cool!

The Most Perfect View

The Most Perfect View is fRickun CoolI find fRickun cool things everywhere, and this week was while flipping through Executive Travel.

What struck me first about The Most Perfect View was the sheer genius of being able to reserve the exact hotel room you’ll be staying in. No more calling and begging the hotel in advance for something nice, no more crossing your fingers at check-in, no more requesting a switch to something not next to the boiler room with a view of a dumpster. But what really impresses me about The Most Perfect View is the full screen, gorgeous photos of guest rooms from nearly every angle (including the bathroom!).

Why book with The Most Perfect View instead of the hotel directly? From their site, “We make sure you will stay in a room with a stunning view. A window with a view is like a live painting to be enjoyed only by a lucky few. You will fall asleep checking the time with Big Ben in London or listening to the waves of Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro.”

I haven’t tried it yet…but you better believe this is how I’ll be traveling from now on!

The lesson? There are businesses waiting to be started everywhere around you. Think about what frustrates you when you travel, when you shop, when you work, when you sleep, etc. Now, is there a solution waiting to be invented? Is there a business behind that solution?

Motivational Posters Don’t Work

“Motivational posters don’t work- but our demotivator posters don’t work even better.” These posters by Despair are hanging on the walls of the sales floor at my office. They’re fun. They get the point across. And, visitors laugh (and learn) as they walk by. Check out their full collection, all of which I find fRickun cool, and see for yourself!


SignNow is one of the frickun coolest apps I’ve ever used. It literally helped me save a real estate deal last week when I needed to sign and return a counteroffer in under an hour. As luck would have it, it was nearly 10pm and I had run out of ink in my home printer. I grabbed my iPhone and discovered this amazing app (did I mention that it’s free?). It took about three minutes to configure and then I was able to sign the document and email it to my broker in less than a minute.


The best part is that my broker couldn’t tell that I signed the document on my iPhone. It actually looks just like you printed, signed, scanned, and emailed the document back. And, no trees were harmed in the making of the signature!


You could sign in your office, on the run, at a meeting, on vacation, in a car, on a train, on a plane…literally anywhere you have your iPhone, iPad, or Android handy.

Download it. No, really. You’ll thank me.



These guys claim to have shipped 3 million socks since 1999 and to have 60,000 current customers. I guess I make 60,001. I ordered a starter pack of 10 pair of their Urban Comfort socks, dubbed “Sporty business socks made from organic cotton.” My life has never been better. Well, at least the part of my life where I used to spend a ton of time trying to find a pair of matching socks. As a result, I signed up for a “sockscription” of three new pair every three months. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to get socks in the mail. And, they come from Zurich, Switzerland!

Check out www.blacksocks.com for three reasons:

1. You need a sockscription (their invention) to ensure you always have high quality – and matching – socks in your drawer. Trust me. You’ll love it.
2. This is a great example of a company that built its business around a very niched product line by putting an unbelievable amount of passion and energy into what I’ve previously considered a commodity.
3. I’ll bet you have a great idea for a business up your sleeve that’s so obvious you’re wondering why nobody else has done it. Read about blacksocks.com, get inspired, and get started on your next business.

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