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To describe Noah as a “sales guy” is putting his skills mildly. When is comes to customer buying motives, power questions, networking, and identifying decision makers, Noah “gets it.” What’s better? He delivers engaging, tailor-made sales presentations to help others “get it,” too. From Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Red Book of Selling, Little Red Book of Sales Answers, Little Teal Book of Trust, and more, Noah teaches his audiences how to sell value over price, create a buying atmosphere, and use humor in a way that will win the sale. Backed by over 15 years of running his own businesses and sales teams, Noah brings a wealth of real-world sales knowledge to the table along with new ideas and actionable strategies.

If you’re looking for a speaker that understands your industry, that knows how to answer common questions salespeople are faced with every day – then hire Noah as your sales guy.

Words from the Audience. What Do They Think of Noah?

“I had the pleasure of listening to Noah speak on the power of networking and branding yourself to either land your next job or branch out your company to more opportunities. His talk was very engaging and opened my eyes to all of the possibilities of networking and how to differentiate yourself from the crowd in the struggling economy. If you are looking for a speaker, look no further than Noah Rickun.” Jordan DeVore, Student, University of North Carolina Belk College of Business

They’ve Heard Him. They’ve Hired Him. What Do Noah’s Clients Think?

“Noah’s performance at our annual sales meeting was so well received that I do not think I have ever witnessed so many sales people taking so many notes and not desiring to take breaks simply because they wanted more. Our investment resulted in solid planning with purpose, and specific tactics and strategies that our sales team could walk away with and use the following day. I am so pleased with Noah’s knowledge, wisdom, and style — as it made a significant impact on our team.”
 Petro Tsarehradsky, Vice President Sales & Marketing, T-Chek Systems

“As part of a product training boot-camp, Noah came in and spoke to our sales staff to provide some insight and inspiration on how to continue down the path of kick-starting our sales. He did a phenomenal job speaking to the group in a way that was not only informative and motivating, but also highly entertaining. I would highly recommend Noah for any speaking or training engagement that individuals or companies are looking for in order to better their overall business performance.” Tony HarderSr. Sales Account Manager, tekservePOS

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