Will Content Marketing Boost Your Sales? Yes! Here’s How…

boost sales with content marketing

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People like to be entertained. We like to laugh, laugh at other people, empathize and then share what we laughed and empathized about. This basic concept is exactly why content marketing has become phenomenally successful.

Just think about your average day. You get up, do a morning routine, most likely go to work, come home, eat dinner and typically watch TV or do something to amuse yourself.  How much of that time is spent on your smart phone and on the internet?

Estimates say up to 5 hours a day. Personally, we’re not sure that includes the 8 hours many of us spend at work where we have ample opportunity to play online as well. If you just consider our abundance of internet usage, you’ll understand why content marketing is such a big deal.

Content marketing takes the general concepts of a business and converts them into general, interesting data, videos, pictures or blogs that internet users can repost. Their friends and social networks like, comment or re-repost your content to other sources. Are you starting to see how much exposure you can get?

How Content Marketing is turning into sales

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The basis, of course, of content marketing sales is based on your ability to amuse your audience, get their attention, and have them remember your business name when it’s time to buy your product or services.

For example, if you were a plumber, you wouldn’t just post about boring pipes and enzymes for septic cleaning. Your content marketing, depending on your brand, could discuss guano, manure, funny #2 slogans or even share pictures of waterfalls and portable toilets. Don’t forget all the really interesting facts about plumbing like backflush basement toilets or what kinds of wrenches are in a plumbers tool bag.

As people on social media networks, newsletters or direct mail begin to read and enjoy your content, they won’t just remember your business name, they’ll refer you to others as well. Your content marketing also makes people feel like they know you so they’re comfortable referring you.

content marketing usage by businesses and companies

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Of course, it’s not an entirely easy concept to understand: You create all this content (i.e. videos, blogs, articles, profiles, posts) then put them everywhere. It definitely works, though. What else? Well, you have to promote that content by commenting on other interesting sources, liking other folks posts, etc. Just like in life, you need to give what you hope to get back.

As your content marketing increases, you’ll start to get more phone calls and/or see a huge boost in your ecommerce.  Make sure your sales training focuses on online sales training including how you answer the phone.  Also, keep in mind it takes at least 3 months to really see results, sometimes as long as 6 months – so just keep going to make sure you see them!

If you need sales training to help handle your online sales leads, hire Noah.  Whether it’s face to face networking or cold calling that’s your sales trouble, he’ll cure what ails you.




  1. This makes sense to me the people who are able to tell the best story will be the winners in the game of content marketing.

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