Picture This: 10 Ways of Increasing Your Sales by Using Photos

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Image Source: Loveinfographs.com

Recently, a colleague launched a travel community website. She worked for months with the developers and a credit card company to come up with the perfect design. In the end, she hired content seeders to write travel stories for her to get the website started.

She asked them to use the right photos from their personal collections to really inspire the readers. Her goal was to use headlines and photos to pull the reader into the community. However, in order to accomplish this, she had to present everyone with guidelines about which photos worked best.

While you often hear of businesses using photos to sell their products, especially if they’re an online business, we don’t often consider how, exactly, photos help make the sale. Today, thanks to her brainstorming, let’s take a look at 10 ways photos act to increase product sales:

Exhibit features or benefits of the product.
There is a very simple concept called the “how cool is that?” principle. Use photos to make your buyers engage with your product. Maybe it’s an ingredient you put in your recipe, or a special way to replace batteries.

Provide solutions to user problems.
Showing a storage bin being used under a cabinet or in a closet puts it in context for the user. If you can solve a problem ( i.e. storage space) for your shopper, you’ll immediately have them saying, “I need one of those for the bathroom.”

Answer questions before they’re asked.
If a customer has to do work to find an answer, they won’t be as likely to immediately pull the trigger on a product. Therefore, when you do product testing, answer questions via photo like, “What side zips up?” or “How does the quick zip feature work?”



Evoke emotions of the buyer.
This is easy to do. Think about sad dogs and happy babies. For some products and services you have to rely on those feelings to sell.

Show a lifestyle that matches your brand.
Pottery Barn does this all the time. In fact, so does LL Bean with their happy late 30s couples boating or on the farm. These are lifestyle brands that the buyer will get sucked right into … ok, they’ll get sucked into the idea of the perfect breeze blowing through their open bay windows on a sunny day in Cape Cod. Got it?

Give step by step ways to do something.
When you show, you sell. Since you are exhibiting how your exact product does something, people will want to buy what you have to offer.

Funny pictures are memorable.
If you laugh daily at the memes on Facebook, you know that buyers love to be entertained. Be tasteful, non-political and universal in the type of pictures you use.

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Image Source: Loveinfographs.com

Plug add-ons and accessories.
While this can clog up your photo feed, it’s ok if you only have one or two shots to add. Show the gun in it’s case or the laptop hooked to a keyboard so people buy those extras when they place their order.

Use a natural, inspiring environment.
Bikers on the road or a bride at a church all ring true when you’re using photos to increase your sales. Show your goods in action.

Highlight product oddities and innovations.
What makes you better or different? If you sell based on a unique feature, highlight it with photos. This is very important if your product has been targeted negatively in anyway.

There’s a reason photos get 53% more likes on Facebook. Simply, people like visual stimulation more than they rely on reading text. If you offer a product or service, make the most of selling it by using as many pictures as possible. We promise, they’ll increase your clicks, likes and interest of even the toughest audience.

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