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“Just when the mid afternoon slump hit, the Driskill finally got the heat turned on and the early start created a room of slightly sleepy attendees, then came Noah Rickun with a presentation on GIVING presentations that had us all immediately awake, aware, and laughing. Funny and substantive, Rickun is great inspiration for authors hoping to sell via speaking. “Don’t read them your book,” said Rickun, “tell them what’s between the lines.” Read the full article

7 Ways to Increase Business Without

Increasing Your Expenses

Michigan Restaurateur Magazine, Vol. 76, No. 4

I am you customer. I eat out several hundred times each year. I try to go to local favorites wherever I happen to be. I’ll use Urbanspoon, OpenTable, Facebook, Twitter, or Yelp to choose where to eat. I don’t trust advertising- I want reviews and recommendations from customers. Recently, I tweeted, “Where’s the best burger in Boston?” and I received 50 responses. One restaurant came up nearly 30 times. I picked it. Sometimes I’ll ask a hotel concierge or business associate. When home (I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin), I find myself asking, “Honey, where should we go for dinner?”

“I don’t know. What are you in the mood for?” my wife replies.

And I’ll say, “I don’t know…what about you?”

I’m in a minority population of people who eat out this often and a majority who have difficulty deciding where to eat. Most restaurants are perceived as being the same, serving mediocre food in a mediocre manner. Read the full article

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