I’ve been using Jigsaw.com for years. I haven’t shared it with you until now because, well, honestly, it’s been my little secret. I have used Jigsaw’s socially powered B2B contact database to:

a. Identify prospects
b. Get direct phone numbers and email addresses
c. Find the REAL decision maker in large organizations
d. Connect with a human being rather than a toll-free call center
e. Find just about anyone who’s anybody in the business world

In Jigsaw’s own words (don’t be confused by the reference to Data.com…Jigsaw operates under both names since their sale to Salesforce.com): “Data.com Contacts is the world’s largest database of up-to-date, downloadable, and complete contact and company information. With a directory of more than 30 million business contacts and over 40,000 contacts added and edited daily by a dedicated user base of over one million, the quality, content, and scope of the contact directory is unrivaled. Every Data.com Contacts business contact is complete with a phone number, position, company, mailing address, and business email address. Data.com Contacts also offers free tools for researching companies as well as a user generated company research wiki pages.

Data.com Contacts’ unique Wikipedia-style crowd-sourcing model delivers the world’s most complete, accurate and up-to-date business contact and company data. By harnessing the power of many, Data.com Contacts is broader and deeper than any other data source. By setting up a free account, community members can access the database, and can accumulate points through helping to maintain data quality. These points may be redeemed for access to additional records.”

If you’re in sales, you need Jigsaw. Sign up now. Like right now.

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