McDonald’s Subway Mistake: Do Spoof Ads Make More Sales?

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Here’s what happened: McDonald’s thought they were being funny when they launched subway ads in Boston based on a spoof of the depression, “You are not alone,” campaign. Then, more than a few folks got very angry that such a serious topic (i.e. depression) was being laughed at. [Read more…]


Making the Sale: 5 Reasons a Prospect Will Buy, 5 Reasons They Won’t

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How many times do you call a prospect before you give up on the sale? 60% of prospects will say no five times before they say yes. That means a lot of rejection, doesn’t it? [Read more…]

3 Small Business Perspectives That Define a Sales Landscape

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If you’re wondering what direction your business is going to take, you will know exactly what we mean when we say sales landscape. While looking at the bigger picture will help you put your business in perspective, having insights into what actions others are taking will also help you get a handle on how things should be done. [Read more…]

Reality vs. Perception: Keeping Sales Ads Honest

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When you watch TV with friends, do you ever laugh at the advertisements? Recently, while watching a lifestyle type sales commercial, a friend looked at me and said, “If you use that toothpaste, you’ll be that happy too.” Really? A toothpaste can make me happier? [Read more…]

17 Guest Blogging No-Nos that Hurt Your Sales

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If you’ve been engaging in inbound marketing, you know that your success can depend on the quality of your blogs. Producing good quality content is one piece, and the ability to promote those blogs is the second. However, you have considered guest blogging? [Read more…]

4 Sales Reasons You Must Answer the Phone EVERY Time It Rings

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If you’ve ever called someone during business hours and they didn’t answer the phone, you were probably just a little aggravated. You took your valuable time, you needed their business or service, so you picked up the phone and tried to call them. Then what? [Read more…]

The One and Only Business (and Sales) Rule You Need to Put First

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If you’ve been reading along with the rules of sales superstars or our advice on selling your business you might notice how much advice we give on sales theories. It’s pretty clear that the focus of every business is continually keeping things moving with good sales tactics, right? [Read more…]

How a Kick-Butt Sales Record Helps You Sell Your Business

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We’ve discussed again and again how sales is the engine that drives your business. Not just because sales training is what we do, but because how much you sell is directly correlated to your bottom line every single day. [Read more…]

How Much Do Walmart’s Empty Shelves Really Hurt Sales?

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Love them or hate them, you probably shop at Walmart from time to time. If you’ve been reading the news lately, you probably noted how many disgruntled customers are screaming about Walmart’s empty shelves. [Read more…]

10 Must Read Tips from Sales Superstars

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If you still make excuses about why you didn’t make the sale, we’ve got news for you; you should always know exactly why you didn’t get the sale. That’s right, if you’re in control of the prospect the entire time, you will almost always know why you weren’t chosen for the great big contract. [Read more…]

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