3 Frickun Cool Statistics on Shopping in America

costs of retail shopping

Image Source: Businessinsider.com

In 2008, the U.S. economy took a turn for the worse. Everyone who thought they had a plan for the future shook their head in fear as the unemployment rate skyrocketed to almost 9%. [Read more…]


How Do You Compare? Insights on Mortgage Sales

comparison shopping consumers

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We’re going to level with you; this post isn’t just about mortgage sales. It’s about the fact that consumers don’t comparison shop for their mortgages. That’s right — they just buy from the company that they are first introduced to. [Read more…]

8 Keys to Sales Success in Small Business

small business success

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You might already know that 50% of small businesses fail in the first year. Yikes. Only 9% of small business have a chance of surviving more than 10 years. [Read more…]

How Banner Ads Convert Leads Into Sales

banner ad perfection

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Does your company use banner ads? You know, those fancy ribbons that spread across your computer screen while you’re doing other stuff. They advertise everything from that rain coat you were shopping for to new car insurance. [Read more…]

Got Milk? 9 Sneaky Ways You’re Being Sold Groceries

grocery sales

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Did you know there is a very specific psychology behind grocery stores? Everything around you is strategically placed to help you, the consumer, buy more. Yup, it’s a sales lesson in food, actually. [Read more…]

Are You an Expert? Yes! Here’s How to Sell It

perfect with practice

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It takes 10,000 man hours to become an expert. Wow. That’s a lot of time, dedication and practice, isn’t it? But just like many expert concert pianists hated practicing as children, being the best at something isn’t easy. [Read more…]

What the Underwear Theory Says About Sales. Seriously.

indicators of economy

Image Source: Mint.com

When we first happened upon this theory a week ago, it seemed very bizarre to even consider that the state of ones underwear could possibly have any impact on sales, let alone the economy in general. However, as the U.S. economy continued to stand on shaky ground over the last few years, what provisions did you make to keep your expenses in check? [Read more…]

Boots Made for Walking? Know Your Buyer, Make More Sales

shoe buyer anatomy

Image Source: Buysight.com

Sales training typically focuses on techniques, tips and tricks to help you win over the prospect and make the sale. Fair enough, right? However, the underlying principle of making the sales is most certainly knowing your buyer. [Read more…]

6 Smoking Hot Sales Studies on the Science of Pricing

pricing as a science

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How to price a product for sale doesn’t have an easy answer. After all, you have to look at what your competition is doing, your geographic area and cost-based profit margins. Before you know it, the numbers get confusing. [Read more…]

Buffer Jobs: Why They Matter to Freelance Sales

new job acceptance

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Who do you know that works more than one job? Are they a professional freelancer or simply need more money to make ends meet? In sales, the ebb and flow of too much work and not enough work can exhaust many to the point of selling out. [Read more…]

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