Make More Money Now With This Advice From a Small Business Sales Trainer

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As a small business sales trainer, Noah has helped hundreds of companies get their sales team on track.  You might say one of his favorite things to do is empower a sales team to make more money.  This is especially important in a small business where each person is integral to the success of the business.

Increasing your bottom line is a lot easier than you think.  From us to you – here’s our advice on how you can make more money:

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The Only Advice You’ll Ever Need on Prospecting Sales Leads

sales prospecting advice you need

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During a sales training classes, one of the most common questions students ask is how to prospect their sales leads. At times, the hardest aspect of sales is having the fortitude to surpass the competition and pursue the right buyers of your product.  However, if you’ve got the patience, you wouldn’t believe how successful you can become at prospecting sales leads. [Read more…]

Sales Training to Maximize Black Friday Sales

sales training for black friday

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It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is this week.  You know what that means – Holiday shopping for gifts.  There’s also the biggest shopping day of the year to look forward to – Black Friday.

Traditionally, Black Friday took it’s roots from stores whose bottom line was able to get ‘back in the black’ (i.e. turn a profit) thanks to the rush of Holiday sales that occurred just after Thanksgiving.  Over the years it’s evolved into a rush and crush of eager buyers.  If you’re in retail, you’ve got to be prepared for Black Friday sales.

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Why Personality Assessments Matter to Your Sales Training

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During Noah’s sales training classes, one of the primary goals is to make sure salespeople know how to focus on the personality type of their prospects. Why?  People buy from people they like who are like them. [Read more…]

The Ultimate Secret of the Damsel In Distress: Sales Training To Be the Victim

saved by sales training

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We all know the story of the damsel in distress, don’t we? Help, she screams.  Oh, help me! Help me! She’s tied to the railroad tracks around her shoulders and hips, her bright red lipstick and coiffed hair becoming ruffled as she struggles against the tight ropes.  She kicks her heeled shoes and continues to scream … Someone save me! …  just as you hear a loud train whistle blow … [Read more…]

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