fRickun Cool!

You may be wondering why I created this page.

I was often teased as a child for my name. “Hey Noah… Where’s your ark?” Later, kids started calling me “Noah frickin’ Rickun.” I learned at a young age to either fix it or feature it! I even began to introduce myself as “Noah, like the guy with the ark.” The rest, they say, is history.

On this page, you’ll find things that I find interesting. Some are valuable. Some are unique. Some are creative. Some are bizarre. But all are fRickun Cool!

Best Practices Are Stupid

I had the pleasure of seeing my friend, Steve Shapiro (author of Best Practices Are Stupid), present today at the Leave Smarter event.

Steve’s a great guy and a very insightful speaker on the topic of innovation.

My favorite quote of the day: “Experience is the enemy of innovation.”

Check Steve out at



Creativity Sells

Here’s something you don’t see every day: a realtor offering free Cajun food if you stop by during his open house.

Nice work, Bob.


World’s Best Presentation

My friend, Jesse Dee (aka Jesse Desjardin), is currently the frontrunner in’s “World’s Best Presentation Contest ’10.”

If you ever give presentations – no matter your industry – you owe it to yourself to check out Jesse’s amazing work.

Check it out, download it, and profit from it. Everyone can learn something from it. And, I’d sure appreciate if you would VOTE for it. Be sure to click through to so you can vote!

You Suck At PowerPoint!
View more presentations from @JESSEDEE

Mailvu, Mail You Can View

This is the easiest way (and least expensive…think, free) to record and send video to your customers, prospects, friends and family. mailVU can be used to capture attention of a prospect, to demonstrate a product, to stand out from other job applicants (video resume or cover letter), to send a message from young children to grandparents, to….well, the possibilities are really endless. All you need is a webcam and an internet connection. No software to download, no user account, no subscription.

mailVU is private, secure, and designed with the average computer user in mind. Bottom line, it’s fRickun Cool!


Skitch Your Way to Great Looking Screenshots and PowerPoint Slides

It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s the fastest way to create great looking slides for Keynote or PowerPoint from screenshots of websites, programs, or anything you’d like. While Skitch might not be the most powerful design tool on the planet, I cannot imagine that every person would not have at least one use a day for it.

Thanks to Jesse Dee for pointing out this invaluable tool to me.


What Deux Yeux Have Teux Deux Teuxday?

I’ve tried just about every task manager out there, but all seem to take more work to organize my tasks than actually doing the tasks themselves.  TeuxDeux (pronounced to-do) is the best I’ve ever tried.  Plus, there’s a fully sync’d iPhone application available!

You can get it free here:

What’s your favorite task manager?


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