A Frickun Cool Chart to Measure Savviness in Sales and Marketing

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Ok, so we usually don’t plaster your sales training with too much blathering on about being internet savvy. Why? Well, content marketing can be difficult to understand. There are so many tiny pieces that make up the big picture it can get confusing.

Further, depending on your marketing and sales training budget, it can be expensive to launch an online marketing campaign. However, when we saw this chart, it suddenly became clear what all the hullabaloo was about. Let’s see if we can share some ideas from this frickun cool chart with you:

Shameful and common
As you progress in your online marketing campaign, you may be tempted to engage in several of these actions. Don’t. The chart indicates they are the lowest common denominator of online marketing.

For example, using social media as direct marketing is a bad idea. You are, in essence, spamming the people who choose to follow you. What they mean is that you should never send a sales pitch to your audience, the kind that reads, “Hey Bob, we’ve got an exciting new opportunity for you.”

Instead, social media is designed to show your potential clients, customers and friends what you’re doing. Take great pictures and post them. Educate with quippy statements or share articles you enjoyed reading, but never, ever directly tell a follower to buy from you. Oh, and when you do this the right way, you naturally make yourself and expert.

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Shameful and rare
Among these actions are things you absolutely shouldn’t do. Why? Buying links, for one, can get you blacklisted on Google. Flash, on the other hand, makes your website slow to load. It also keeps your audience focused on pretty pictures instead of on your business and what you do.

Savvy and common
What’s wrong with this quadrant? If it’s what everyone else is doing, you may end up feeling like a hamster on a wheel; you run and run but don’t get anywhere. In other words, if your online marketing campaign is going after the same sales as all your biggest competitors, who do you think wins the race?

The answer, of course, is the company with the most money to spend since they’ll be able to afford the best keywords. Now, the people who run these campaigns are considered very good in their field. They will accomplish great results, but just like in sales training, you need to take it a little bump up from the competition.

websites top retail

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Savvy and rare
This quadrant needs to be your ultimate goal for the company. You see that these experts, yes, earned, proven professionals, have lead campaigns for major brands. They’ve dabbled outside the box to pre-established methods to see what works for them. They are the trusted leaders in online marketing.

Further, you’ll note that they have consistent results with the campaigns they tackle. They are able to measure what works and specifically track those results in order to gain success. Do you see website analytics on the chart? These analytics tell you where traffic is coming from, allowing experts to hone in on tweaking related campaigns and investigating what works best to get the most sales leads.

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