10 Super Tidbits That Will Make Customers Pay More

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If you know your clients, then you know what makes them tick. This is more than half the reason they buy from you. Whether it’s fast service or quality products, to make the sale, you’ve got to dangle the right carrots.

Giving clients what they want when they want it is also the key to getting your asking price for everything you sell. Think about it; do companies like Whole Foods or Zappos Shoes sell based on price?

No, they don’t. Whole Foods charges a shocking premium for everything on their shelves in exchange for a quality, service-oriented grocery experience. They combine that philosophy with a gourmet angle on everything. Zappos, on the other hand, delivers happiness. Your satisfaction, as the customer, is their only sales goal.

Let’s look at a few tidbits you can use that will make your customers pay more, too:

Great service is better than having it fast.
Turns out an extra few minutes of waiting is better than getting an order wrong.  Under this guise, aim for the perfect blend of slightly slower service but correct execution of every order.

Personalize your service and get more results.
Bringing a second mint to the table after dinner resulted in a 7% increase in tips for waiters. Don’t be afraid to add an extra touch to what you do, like a trinket, thank you note or piece of candy.

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Use, and remember, your customers by name.
This isn’t exactly about service, it’s about being memorable. And your customers will be more likely to remember you if you remember them.

Happy surprises increase satisfaction.
Want to make your customers talk? Think of things that make them happy, then do it for free. This may include a free shipping upgrade or throwing in an extra item they didn’t order.

Random acts of kindness, not cost.
You don’t need to spend big to get big results. Kindness can mean anything from a free drink gift card to a slice of cake just to say thanks.

Customers are loyal to loyalty programs.
If you can get your customers to sign up for a loyalty program, they’ll stay with the program. What’s the trick? Sales training to make sure your staff asks them to participate in just the right way.

Story selling is highly effective.
Give a face to your brand by telling buyers a little story. It doesn’t have to be a novella, just an interesting tidbit they can tell friends.

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Ask for ideas … then create them.
Crowd sourcing made this very easy for most companies. They can simply ask their clients for ideas, then turn them into products. People pay top dollar for the things they really want.

Sell time instead of focusing on price.
Have you ever taken a lower-paying job because it allowed you to be home with the kids more often? The idea here is similar in that people will pay more for experiences than they’ll pay for things. Save them valuable time doing things and charge them a little more for the privilege.

Money talk makes people self-centered.
This is a little confusing. We all know that the premature introduction of price during the sales process shuts the client down. However, did you know that talks about money make people more focused on themselves?

The research suggests, then, discussion of the cost of expensive items should be reserved for personal-use luxury goods, not birthday gifts for mom (i.e. items being purchased for someone else.)

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